I am…


RickyGotSkills:  Father to a Dirtbike Princess, amateur chef, motocross junkie, handyman, entrepreneur, free thinker and crisis manager. RickyGotSkills

I like grabbing throttle.  If I’m not on my Honda CRF250R roosting the dirt, I’m rolling the dice on my Suzuki GS500.  One day I’ll have a fast Yamaha, but for now I have what I need.

I maintain all our bikes: Yamaha TTR-125, Honda CR80RB, Honda CRF250R.  Most recently, I put a new clutch in my dirt rocket. Maintaining our rides keeps me out of trouble and mitigates the voices in my head.

crf250r clutch
Its not as think as you hard it is…

I am actively involved in custom electronics integration.  If you don’t know, it involves installation and programming of audio, video, data, security and automation, typically in your home as a lifestyle enhancement.  If you have a number of systems in your house that are not easily managed, please let me know.  I have solutions for making them work together seamlessly.  See MadSkillsTech.com.

Finally, to She-who-has-my-back/front/sides-and-heart: Thank you!  I love you dearly!  She puts up with more than she should, and deserves more than she gets, but never complains about any of it.  You really are a beautiful individual.