I am…

my-logo-2RickyGotSkills:  A father to a Dirtbike Princess, an entrepreneur,  a motocross junkie, a handyman, a joker, and a kid that refuses to grow up.

I am currently being challenged.  I juggle projects, books, chores, riding, exercise and staying ahead of the bills.

Every day that I wake up on the right side of the grass is a good day.

You can probably find me on Facebook, but I haven’t used it in years.  I am on Twitter, Instagram, Ebay and here.  I think I have a Vine account too, but haven’t used it for a while either.

I currently ride a CRF250R.  I upgraded from a CRF230F.  Quite the difference between the two.  One’s a mild trail bike and the other is a dual exhaust rocket.

I also ride the street with a Suzuki GS500.  Plenty of ride for me, for now.  Eventually I’d like to have a Yamaha sport bike.  Maybe an old VMax.

So…stay tuned.

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